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SOBEHA TOUR : Pay Cheaper, Travel better!

Sobeha Tour is a leader in providing tourism service in Madagascar. We are a 100% Malagasy Team based in Antananarivo who started as Tour Guide before opening our own office in 2015. Sobeha Team help Alone travelers, couples and families to organize their Madagascar expedition according to their wish-to-see-list, their availability and their budget. As inbound Tour Operator, we ensure services on behalf of worldwide travel agent and international travel agencies. Our online offers are set in Economy Travel Package Madagascar and can be customized according to your request. We propose three ranges of Tour: ECONOMY ADVANCED – and PREMIUM. Our pricing system is the most creative to fit all budget as each proposal may contain up to four price packages depending to the included services. The menu "ECO TOURS" will help to have an idea of itinerary and cost of economy holidays in our country. The "OFFROAD" menu is for people who need in-depth experience such as baobab safari, tsingy and bird watching tour. The overland tour is tough offroad only for adventurers who want to explore the hidden treasure and untouched scenery where the road is extremely difficult like the RN5 to Mananara and Maroantsetra and other areas on raining season. People who are looking for cheaper and low-cost price can rent our 4x4 and pay activities and hotels by themselves with help of our driver. We are very flexible. Now, we provide car rental service with 4x4 starting from 45 euro per day with driver speaking French . Additional guide speaking English, Italian or Spanish is optional. You can contact us on WhatsApp and follow-us on social network like facebook, instagram, linkedin, twitter. All request must be sent by mail to sobeha.madagascar@gmail.com or via the contact page of this website for better follow-up. We are looking forward to receive your first mail!

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Each request of tour is treated as soon as possible.

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We aim high, set ambitious goals and deliver results, and we use customer feedback to recalibrate.

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Our agency offers travelers various tours and excursions with destinations all over Madagascar. Browse our website to find your dream tour!

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