Article 01: Responsibility

SOBEHA MADAGASCAR is the customer's first responsible even if the service is subcontracted. All arrangement with the driver or subcontractor without approval of SOBEHA MADAGASCAR is void.

Article 02: Confirmation and Payment

A payment of 20% of the concluded price is required as a deposit on confirmation. The remaining balance is collected 60 days prior to the tour start. The confirmation process may vary depending on the platform and the circumstance.

Article 03: Cancellation Policy

SOBEHA TOUR applies following penalty for all cancellation regardless the reason:

61 days or more prior to departure – loss of deposit

60 days - 31 days before departure – 30% of tour price

30 days - 16 days before departure – 50% of tour price

15 days - 08 days before departure – 75% of tour price

07 days or fewer before departure including No Show – 100% of tour price

In the absence of deposit upon confirmation, the penalty must be paid as damages and compensation

Article 04 : Air Conditionning (AC)

Normally, the car has an Air Conditioning (AC). The guest must check it on the departure of the first day of the tour. No replacement of the car and no reimbursement is accepted if the AC is broken after departure. Please to consider that there are only few small garages out of Antananarivo to repair the car. The road is long and in bad condition. If your car has a serious problem, we will replace it by hiring a local car (see article 05) and most of Madagascar car doesn’t have an AC. We cannot send another car from our office in Antananarivo just because the AC of the first car is broken.

Article 05: Breakdown and Car Problem

SOBEHA MADAGASCAR takes care of the safety of the guest and keeps the program unchanged as far as possible. Despite control and maintenance, the vehicle may have problem during the tour. Some problem can be fixed in evening and night or in early morning with a delay of the departure.

In case that the vehicle is broken in midroad and cannot move, SOBEHA MADAGASCAR looks for solution to bring the guest to the hotel of the day or to the nearest hotel. Most of the time, the solution is to send the guest with tourist’s car or private car or taxibrousse or oxcart wagon. The car will join the guest to the hotel the same day. Otherwise, another vehicle will be hired during the reparation of the car. Note that local car could be very basic and just enough to move around.

For extreme situation in deep remote place where no vehicle is available around, the planning will be modified for the time to find a solution. The rest of the planning must be modified accordingly.

Article 06: Compensation and reimbursement

The responsibility of SOBEHA MADAGASCAR is limited to the included services. In one hand, SOBEHA MADAGASCAR never pays back for services not included into the concluded price. In other hand, SOBEHA MADAGASCAR does not charge the guest for the resolution of the problem that occurs in mid-road when it occurs.

No reimbursement can be expected for all tour partially consumed. SOBEHA MADAGASCAR compensates the guest by paying back the rental fee for the period that they were not able to go ahead with their planning and the price of activities that they were not able to do.

No compensation will be given for all circumstance beyond the control of SOBEHA MADAGASCAR such as state of road, traffic problem or bad weather. Therefore, the planning will be modified for the same concluded period.

Article 07: Medicine and Treatment

It is highly recommended to bring enough quantity of medicine and pills that you may need during your stay in Madagascar. Drugstore may not have it. SOBEHA TOUR declines all responsibility for any direct or indirect damage possibly arising from the treatment prescribed by the local doctor.

Article 08: Additional terms

The guest is held to pay the totality of the invoice in case of voluntary abortion of the trip including a breakdown and all circumstance beyond the control of SOBEHA MADAGASCAR.

The contract is agreed with the itinerary and the duration of the tour. All change that occurs all along the expedition doesn’t affect the price. Therefore, the price is remaining the same if the customer decides to skip some activities in order to arrive earlier to the beach or to end-point of the itinerary.

Billing is done according to the number of days. The rental day begins at sunrise around six in the morning (6:00 AM) until sunset around six in the evening (6:00 PM). We do not drive after nightfall for safety reasons. It is therefore compulsory to arrive at your hotel before sunset. Our team is at your disposal until nine o'clock in the evening (9:00 PM) for services in town and in particular (1) to take you to another restaurant if you want to have a diner outside the hotel or (2 ) for night walk next to parks and reserves. However, it is strictly forbidden to encourage the driver and the tour guide to drink alcohol and go to Nightclub.

No complementarity can be expected from one to the next day. Any partial occupancy of the car for part of the day is billed at the same amount as full day occupancy. For example: a trip that begins around 10:00 AM and ends the following day before 10:00 AM is billed for two days INSTEAD OF one day.

The tour is concluded for the number of guests. No change can be done without agreement of the two parts:

In one hand, the guest cannot decide to take another people on the road for friendship or cost-sharing purpose without agreement of SOBEHA MADAGASCAR.

On other hand, the driver and SOBEHA MADAGASCAR cannot take people including tourists, friends, Malagasy people and relatives or additional luggage without agreement of the Guest.

Article 09: SOBEHA MADAGASCAR is held by the contract to accomplish the concluded tour with some flexibility. However, change in the planning can be rejected if it appears unrealistic or unsafe.

Article 10: SOBEHA MADAGASCAR commits to respect the confidentiality of the customer and not to reveal any information except for the court.

All additional situation not described by the present term and condition of sale is treated in accordance with the practice of the tourism in Madagascar and at last resort to the Malagasy right and laws.