• Day 01 | Antananarivo - Toamasina | Hotel Ocean 501
  • Day 02 | Tamatave - Foulpointe - Fenerive Est | Hotel Oisis Lodge
  • Day 03 | Fenerive Est - Manompana | Hotel La Casa
  • Day 04 | Manompana - Antanambe | Hotel Grondin
  • Day 05 | Antanambe | Hotel Grondin
  • Day 06 | Antanambe – Nosy Atafana - Sahasoa | Hotel Lodge Villageoise
  • Day 07 | Sahasoa - Mananara | Hotel Chez Roger
  • Day 08 | Mananara - Rantabe | Chez Christina
  • Day 09 | Rantabe - Maroantsetra | Hotel not included


This is only for adventurers who want to visit Antananarivo, Tamatave, Soanierana Ivongo, Mananara and Maroantsetra by 4x4. It is an overland tour in Madagascar. Indeed, the road RN5 from Soanierana to Mananara and Maroantsetra is the most difficult but the scenery is the most beautiful. Strongly recommended for naturalist and explorer, this is your roadmap if you want to see the aye-aye or Daubentonia Madagascariensis. The area is also known for vanilla, coffee, cinnamon, cloves, and rice plantation. Few people talk about this blue triangle, as this is an unexplored region for tourism and unknown by common tour operator and travel agency in Madagascar. You will enjoy the tour as real Madagascar experience for wildlife and beach. You may have a chance to see humpback whale from the 4x4 while driving up and down hills especially from between June and October. This proposal is a very fair price if you realize that the 4x4 must drive back empty along the same extreme road from Maroantsetra to Antananarivo and pay again the ferry, toll and fuel added to the expense of the driver and mechanics. This proposal can be customized to fits your length of stay.

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Day 01 Antananarivo – Tamatave

Beggining of a lovely experience in Madagascar. Scenic drive to Tamatave. The landscape is beautiful and varied with highlands, rice fields and palm trees. Stop according to the interest. Night at hotel Ocean 501

Day 02 Tamatave - Foulpointe - Fenerive Est

Tour of the city of Tamatave : Bazary be, the cityhall with palm trees, and the long beach in front of the biggest ports of Madagascar. Departure to Foulpointe, located 90 Km north of Tamatave. You will drive along the coast where you can buy coconuts straight from the roadside. Visit of the Fort Manda of Foulpointe on the way. This is a historic site built in the 19th century to prevent foreign invasion from sea. The thick, timeless walls are made of eggshells, sand and water. The Fort Manda is an old building with no furniture left. People bring offerings to the old tree in the yard to seek blessings from the ancestors' spirits. Continuation to Fenerieve Est in afternoon. Arrival scheduled late in afternoon. Night at Oisis Lodge

Day 03 Fenerive Est – Manompana

Breakfast at 6 :00am, Departure to Soanierana Ivongo. It will take more than 30mn to cross the river. You can say goodbye to the paved road. A very nice experience along a tough road is waiting for you right after the ferry. Drive along a flat road with deep pothole before arriving to a sandy road. You will cross three (03) ferries. Lunch on your expense on the road. You can forget your watch as you will travel in a very Malagasy mind with mora-mora time – slowly slowly – and you will arrive when you arrive. Night at hotel La Casa a Tata

Day 04 Manompana – Antanambe

Visit of the small reserve of Manompana. Departure to Antanambe after the visit. You will cross two (02) ferries. Lunch on your expense on the road. The road is tougher than previous day but more will come. If you are lucky, you will see some lemurs jumping on the trees after the ferry of Anove. Arrival to Antanambe expected in afternoon. Night at hotel Grondin

Day 05 Antanambe

Visit of Mananara national park in Verezanantsoro circuit : Discover an exuberant vegetation where the environment is totally dominated by nature. You will walk along the coast of cloves and vanilla plantations in a beautiful landscape, amazing panoramic view before diving into the heart of a low-altitude forest with exceptional biodiversity with lemurs (Indri, Black-and-white ruffed lemur), and birds…Picnic lunch at the edge of a waterfall. Swimming at the natural swimming pool of Tolongoala. Return to the village in afternoon. Night at hotel Grondin

Day 06 Antanambe – Nosy Atafana - Sahasoa

Departure from Antanambe in the morning and drive up and down hills next to the seashore until Sahasoa. The most difficult part of the road starts from here. Some people prefer to do this section by boat in their charge in order to have time for snorkelling around Nosy Atafana. Nosy Atafana is a Marine National Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with best coral reefs in the Indian Ocean and where the marine ecosystem is truly impressive. The transfer can be arranged in Antanambe as it is extra and optional. Sahasoa is a nice place to discover socio-cultural richness of the village and the values of the natural resources. You could fully benefit from the sustainable and fair tourism of the local inhabitants. Night at Lodge Villageoise

Day 07 Sahasoa – Mananara

Continuation of the adventure: Leaving the hotel early in morning and heading straight towards to Mananara-Nord. Drive past different typical village of the region. This is the toughest section of the road up and down hills full of rock and mud. The most important is trying to do the best to arrive to Mananara before 4:00pm. You can go to Ambitsika if you arrive earlier. Around 4:00 pm, departure for "Roger Island" to observe the rarest nocturnal lemur called Aye Aye or daubentonia madagascariensis which are vulnerable to extinction. Night at hotel Chez Roger

Day 08 Mananara - Rantabe

Departure from Mananara in the morning after breakfast. You cross the Ambatondrahilana river by ferry with a magnificent panorama of the rocks and a small island full of birds. You continue on a flat and easy road before the hills of Fahambahy and Manambolosy. Along this route you enjoy the local atmosphere. Depending on the season, the villages smell vanilla or the forest smells cloves. You are likely to spend some time waiting for the ferries. This is part of the adventure on RN5. Arrival in Rantabe in the afternoon. Night at the basic hotel Chez Christina

Day 09 Maroantsetra
Last day on the RN5: crossing the Rantabe river by ferry before driving on the hill of Rantohely and Nandrasana. A view of Nosy Mangabe which gradually expands as you approach the town of Maroantsetra. Our service is over when you arrive at the hotel of your choice in Maroantsetra. Hotel Not Included

Important Notice :

- This is a midrange proposal or ADVANCED. Let us know your Budget and we will design a customized tour especially for you
- Price is per person sharing room as double ocuupancy. Departure is guarantee from 02 person. Contact us for single price
- Are included into the price: 4X4, fuel, Driver Speaking Basic French and English, Tour Guide Speaking Good English, ferry and toll, all listed activities (entrance and guide of park, night walk), your hotel and breakfast
- Are NOT included: all food, lunch, diner, picnic, beverage and alcohol, additional activities, tips
- Please to specify if you need an AC car while booking otherwise you may have no-AC car
- Payment modality: bank transfer or VISA/Master Card or CASH on arrival. We accept USD and Euro with exchange rate online.
- Contact us for further detail. You can ask for tailor made tour according to your length of stay, your wish-to-see-list, your category of hotel, and your budget