The National park of Ankarafantsika is a very easy park of the province of Majunga. It is far of 115Km south of the biggest city of the west called Mahajanga. It takes one day drive on 450 Km from Antananarivo along the National Road Number 4 (RN4) that connects the capital to Majunga.

Formerly known as Ampijoroa Forest Station, Ankarafantsika is one of the last remaining sections of dense dry forest in Madagascar. It became National Park in 2002, when the two sections separated by the RN4 were finally joined.

Eight species of lemurs like Milne-Edwards sportive lemur, mongoose lemur, western wolly lemur, grey mouse lemur, fat-tailed dwarf lemur can be find at night in this area. On a day tour, Coquerel's sifaka is commonly seen in addition with night active species on a rest. The Park is also one of the best Madagascar's bird watching areas with 129 species among which 75 are endemic. The flora is rich of 800 species with a high rate of endemism. 

A tour of the Ravelobe Lake gives opportunity to admire beautiful scenery, spot crocodiles. Ankarafantsika can be visited during all the year.