The Baly Bay or Baie of Baly National Park is located on the northwestern coast of Madagascar on a total surface of 58 km² created in 1997. The closest village to the park is Soalala. The best option to go there is by plane. Boat and road are good alternatives especially on dry season even if it may appear very rough.

The Park attractions are made of its very rich both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems biodiversity. The existence of the extremely rare and endangered ploughshare tortoise that locally called angonoka, which is endemic to the park is a huge value of this area. Nowadays there are just 2000 individuals living in the wild.


A combination of dense dry forests, mangroves, rivers and lakes, white-sand beaches, dunes and impressive coral reefs makes this place unique in Madagascar. Sakalava fishermen live along the coast. Moreover there are 13 mammal species among them 8 lemur species, several bird species and more than 35 reptiles. The climate is warm all the year with temperatures. From April to November it does not rain at all, and despite the proximity of the sea, the air is quite dry.