The National Park of Ankarana was created in 1956 and located at 90 km south of Antsiranana or Diego Suarez. It covers a surface of 182,5 km². The underground cave, canyon and the limestone are very impressive. The Park is highly recommended to the hikers to have terrific landscapes and to see a lot of animals. 

This reserve has the richest density of primates of any forest in the world. The dense forest of Ankarana is a habitat of population of lemurs, fosa, tenrecs, 100 bird species, 50 reptiles and 10 frogs. Inside the huge labyrinth of caves, there are 14 bat species, local endemic blind shrimps and the cave-living crocodiles. 

More than 350 plant species grow in Ankarana that give a green color to the gorge. You cannot miss among all others the "vazaha tree", pandanus, ficuses and the endemic baobab Adansonia madagascariensis.