The big peninsula of Masoala became the National park of Masoala in 1997 to preserve this unique ecosystem comprising coastal rainforest, marsh and mangroves. Established on a surface of 2,300Km2 of land area and 100 Km2 of marine parks, Masoala is the Madagascar's largest protected area “where the forest meets the see”.

The National Park of Masoala is truly exceptional and rich on ecosystems. Some species like aye-aye, red-ruffed lemur, varecia variegate variegate, Madagascar red owl and the extremely rare serpent eagle are endemic to the peninsula and cannot be found anywhere else. The park forests abound with chameleons, geckos, frogs, butterflies. More than 3,001 fish species have been listed in the marine parks. Moreover, Humpback whales gather for breeding in Antongil Bay every year on July and August.

This park is highly recommended for trekking and getaway. The access to the park may be done from Maroantsetra or from Antalaha. As far as possible, the access from Maroantsetra is better as it gives possibility to visit the Reserve of Nosy Mangabe and the sea into the bay is less rough than the Indian Ocean.

For information: This is one of the wettest areas of Madagascar. The best chances of a dry visit are from September to December. A practical professional Tour Operator is recommended if you want to visit the National Park of Masoala. Make sure that everything is well booked. Accommodation on the peninsula is still limited.