Andohahela has been protected since 1939. It was opened to tourism since 1998. It is located in Middle east-West of Madagascar about 40 km northwest from Fort Dauphin. Andohahela is big of 760 km² and contains the last dense and humid forests of the southern part of Madagascar. The altitude goes from 100 to almost 2,000 m.

The best time to visit this protected area is between May and October. Climate can be quite different from one parcel to another. Temperatures are moderate.

Rainforest, transition forest and semi-arid spiny forest have representatives in this only one park and you can get familiar within one or few days through the three parcels Malio, Ihazofotsy-Mangatsiaka and Tsimelahy. This spectacular national park is a home of 13 species of lemurs such as the day active species Verreaux's Sifaka, ring-tailed lemur, and bamboo lemurs. More than 130 species of Birds, 67 species of reptiles, turtles, snakes and 50 species amphibians cohabit in the area.