The National Park of Midongy du Sud or Midongy-Befotaka is about 90 km south-east of Vangaindrano in the South of Madagascar. This area obtained the status of National Park in 1997 with 1920 km² of surface on an altitude between 700 to 1680 m. The landscape of the two sections of the park is rocky and covered by a verdant humid rainforest. It rains almost every day. Indeed, this national park is the second biggest rainforest of the island. 

These dense rainforest is covered by a wide number of tree species, including palm trees, orchids, precious woods and 50 medicinal plants. Visitors can spot the fosa, sifaka and the red-collared lemur. Some local endemic reptiles can be found. 

The Park is “accessible” by road only from June to November on 4WD. Do not expect suitable accommodation close to the park and the circuit inside the park is not very pleasant as a path. Camping is possible but you must bring your own equipment.