The National Park of Zombitse-Vohibasia is a very easy access park but still little known by general public. This protected area was established in 1997 and covers 363 km² of dry forest, swamps, and savannas. It is located on the RN7 about 90km west of Isalo National Park and 20km northeast of Sakaraha. The Park is divided into three different sections: Zombitse (168 km²), Vohibasia (161 km²) and Vohimena Isoky (32 km²). This National Park is the last green parcel with an abundant fauna and flora biodiversity in a denuded area of the south. 

A population of young baobab trees grows in the park. Elder and bigger baobab trees stands beside the RN7 close to Sakaraha.

The fauna is rich of 15 small mammals, 2 carnivorous and 8 lemur species. This park is a good place for bird watching. There are 85 species; most of them are endemic like the rare Appert´s greenbul, which only lives in this forest. At list 33 reptile and 8 amphibian species have been recorded in Zombitse.