The small private reserve of Berenty Reserve lies 90 km western from Fort Dauphin. The reserve was created 70 years ago. Six species of lemurs cohabit in this reserve at present time. The easiness to observe lemur species very close is the highlight of the reserve. Ringtails generally give birth by the end of dry season in September or October. Day active species are mostly the ring-tailed lemurs, and Verreaux sifakas, and red fronted brown lemurs. At night, visitors can look for white-footed sportive lemur, Grey mouse lemur. Then, the visit is an opportunity to see some of the 103 bird species, and various species of reptiles. The typical flora of spiny forest in the arboretum close to the reserve completes the fauna. Cultural interest nearby the reserve is an alive museum of the south. Berenty has become a “zoo” since the quantity of visitor has risen except animals aren’t in cage. Make sure of the booking before coming. The visit is very rewarding and the entrance fee is correct even though more expensive compared to others.