The Vakona Forest Lodge Hotels owns two small reserves in two different places: 

The lemur’s island shelters around 60 lemurs such as the sifaka, the brown lemurs and the black and white lemurs. Visitors cross the small stream to get to the islands. A short tour on canoe is possible if you can do it by yourself. Lemurs are very habituates of tourist and can be fed. This is the easiest place to have a good photo souvenir with lemurs on shoulder.

The reserve of crocodile is on the other side of the road far of 500 meters around from the island of lemurs. The path goes around the green lake full of crocodiles by all size. The tour of the lake goes past two connected cages of the legendary clever carnivorous mammal called Fossa. Since it is very difficult to find this first predator of the lemurs in the wild, the visit of the reserve is worthwhile.