Do I need a driver only or a driver with guide?

There are few driver who can act as a guide and speak fair english. Most of local operator are betrayed by car owner who promised a driver speaking English who will be not available at the latest time. As far as you can, it is better to conclude with driver and guide speaking English to ensure your assistance all along the trip. You may have a discount if there is a driver-guide speaking English available.

Contact a driver or local guide or tour operator in Madagascar?

Travelling with local is generally cheaper and contribute to the economy of the country. They participate actively in forum and you can contact them via internet. Sobeha Madagascar is one of them.

How safe is Madagascar?

Madagascar is a safe country compared to all Africa. As it is an island, there is no big risk of attacks or territory problem. However, it is recommended to pay attention and keep one eye on your bag/pocket while visiting a crowded place like market or a special show especially at Antananarivo. For safety reason, it is not recommended to drive or to walk after nightfall. Ask the receptionnist or the local guide to call for taxi in case that you want to go out by night. For your health, do not eat raw vegetable. Drink only bottled water or boiled water. Make sure that you are in good hand with your local contact.

Traveling to Madagascar with kids ?

There is no problem to travel with kids. You have to inform the local agency and prepare all equipment like a car-seat for the kids less than 02 years old. Few parks are not open for kids less than 12 years old. It is recommended to come with all medecines that you may need. Drive distance is at least 150km for 03 hours drive. Therefore you can travel slowly and stay few days in one place before moving again. You can book a hotel on the beach and do short activity day by day.  

Which part of Madagascar for the first time?

Madagascar is a big island and it take more than a month to visit all the country. You are invited to choose where to go first especially if you do not want to take domestic flight. For the first time, we recommend the south part with the island of Sainte Marie or the north with a beach time in Nosy Be. You can ask and plan the trip together according to the advice of your agency. Generally, a tour combine visit of national park for wildlife and scenery before arriving to the beach :
Lemurs is everywhere
Baobab is in the west site especially between Morondava and Tulear
Beach is everywhere along the coast
The tsingy is only at Bekopaka (nearby Morondava) and Ankarana (Between Nosy Be and Diego Suarez)
The whale can be seen all around the island. The best place to enjoy it for sure is in Sainte Marie from july to october.
Birds depends to the species  

Rent a car or Public transport?

It is highly recommended to hire a car / 4wd as far as you can. New and much more comfortable public transport connect Antananarivo to some touristic place / Premiere Class connect Antananarivo to Majunga
Cotisse Transport for Tamatave, Majunga and Morondava
VATSI transport for Tamatave
Besady Plus to travel from Antananarivo to Ambanja
There are also seasonal shuttle bus like Bougain Transport or Loic Tour to Majunga  

What is the official language in Madagascar ?

The official language is Malagasy. Beware, there are so many dialect accent. They use french word in many situation. Everywhere you go, you will find someone speaking French. Few people speak English.

There are some italian guide. Book a tour out of the beaten track ?

It is impirtant to have a flexible mind if you expect to explore the out-of-beaten-track or offroad adventure. Some roads are called extrem as you can do at most 50km per day with4wd.

How reliable is the domestic flight ?

The internal flight of Air Madagascr is often cancelled. They have a better coverage. There is new airline company called Madagasikara Airways which is more reliable. You can ask for private air tour operator for remote place and upscale tour.

They use small aircraft. Ask for a quotation of Madagascar Tour?

There is no budget reference for a Tour. Everything depends to your expectation and order. It can be very cheap and friendly or much more expensive and very professional.

Should I bring CASH or use ATM ?

ATM provide cash in Ariary and no foreign currency. The amount is very limited around 400 000 ariary per day. You may take higher amount with professional bank depending to the bank policy. Network is very poor. It is better to bring CASH for use when the ATM is out of order.