Madagascar rainforest
Due to the deforestation, the surface of rainforest is decreasing considerably. Animals and birds are much more difficult to see. It is very interesting to see the animals out in the open in their natural habitat even if they won’t be habituated to visitors and run away very quickly. The most visited rainforest is at Andasibe. You should go to Masoala or to Marojejy for a real rainforest experience.

See the tsingy of Madagascar
The tsingy is a special formation of rock that can be seen in two different areas of Madagascar : in Bemaraha and Ankarana.
The tsingy of Bemaraha is bigger and more spectacular sporty circuit. Elderly person can visit the small tsingy which is easier. It takes at least three days from Morondava (day 01 : morondava – bekopaka || day 02 : Visit of the tsingy || day 03 : drive back from Bekopaka to Morondava). It is also possible to fly over the landscape. There is an airport for small aircraft and helicopter. Even so, you need a 4wd from Morondava for the transfer.
The tsingy of Ankarana is smaller compared to the one of Bemaraha. The access is easier. Then, you can combine it to the visit of the red tsingy.

Baobab tour Madagascar
There are only seven species of baobab in Africa and six of them grow in Madagascar. The most popular place for baobab is the alley of baobab nearby Morondava. You can find baobab all along the west coast from the north to the south of Madagascar : there is a small park of baobab in the north, a big baobab as roundabout in Majunga, various kind of baobab from Morondava to Toliara and on the road to Fort Dauphin.

Beach time and sea activity in Madagascar
As an island, Madagascar has a long beach. The east side of Madagascar is exposed to the Indian Ocean and the sea is rougher compared to the west coast facing to the canal of Mozambic. All tour start from Antananarivo. The nearest beach is in Vatomandry. You can choose between Vatomandry or Akanin’ny Nofy or Foulpointe. Manambato is a special place at the shore of the canal of pangalanes. The best beaches are :
- in the east coast : Sainte Marie, Masoala, Foulpointe
- in the north - west coast : Nosy Be, Diego Suarez, Antsanitia (in Majunga), Anjanjavy (in Majunga)
- in the south west : Anakao, ifaty, salary, ambatomiloho, andavadoaka
- in the deep south : Fort dauphin, Cap Sainte Marie, Itampolo

Whale watching tour in Madagascar
Humpback whale is one of the star of the mammal of Madagascar. It can be long of 16 meters and weight more than 40 000kg. They have a long migratory route. They come to Madagascar to mate and to give birth. They go through the canal between the island os Sainte Marie and the main island in direction to the Bay of Antongil. Therefore, the whale watching is highly recommended in Sainte Marie. Antinosy, people from Sainte Marie, call them « Zagnaharibe » or « the Big God ».

Best place to see lemurs in Madagascar
Madagascar is known world-wide for its lemurs. The most famous is the ringtailed lemurs called maki in the south. They are easy to find and you cannot miss it for each visit in the south. There are different species from the biggest to the smallest. The sound they make are different. Their colours and their ability make the difference. Lemurs are difficult to find in the rainforest as they naturally run away once they see people coming. In the park, there is a local guide and animal spotters to help visitors to find available species. Some lemurs are night active and others are day-active.

Treking and hike Madagascar
The best way to explore Madagascar is on foot. Treking is mostly inside a park or from one to another village. The hiking and trekking possibilities are innumerable and stretches from short easy walks until multi day exploration through a fascinating natural landscape. Here a few must-to-do trek which is far to be exclusive as you may find different possibility wherever you are on the island : Andringitra, Isalo, Makay, Masoala, Marojejy, Ranomafana, Manambolo

Culture and people of Madagascar
One of the highlight of tour is the people and their culture. Learn more from local. For safety and health reason, SOBEHA do not propose to sleep and eat at the local people. This is feasible if you really want. Our driver knows useful addresses to taste local food. The Malagasy perception may appears very strange and interesting to know for understanding.

Explore Madagascar
Explore Tour is all trip out of the beaten track in unusual touristic itinerary. Resaercher and Explorer may rent a 4wd with all necessary accessory for adventure. A special guide is appointed for the tour if necessary

River expedition in Madagascar
River expedition gives a new face to the tour. Along the river, travellers camp at night and take shower with the water from the river. Bottled water is only for cook and drink. As there is no restaurant, the expedition is only intended with full board and you are invited to specify your allergy or diet.
Orchid Tour Madagascar
Madagascar is the country of the orchid which are very beautiful. Among the 20,000 species listed in the world, the Island has some 1,200 different species. These species develop and survive in symbiosis with butterflies, ants, birds and other plant species. Since the 1970s, orchid picking is prohibited in Madagascar and in the world. Though, the enthusiasts of flowers and aromas come to admire them in their natural habitat. They can be observed both in national parks and on other plants in the village. Most of them grow in the eastern part of Madagascar where the rain falls to help them growing, blooming, and flourishing. The best season for orchid travel is the time when they bloom between November and March and preferably in January and February depending to the species you like the most. Do not forget your raincoat because it rains !