From now on, you can discover the less visited sites of Madagascar in the North-East part of the island. Sobeha Tour isa specialist of wildlife tour in this area and your best contact to discover Masoala National Park and Marojejy National Park. These two parks are the marvel of the vanilla coast. The trip can be done by 4wd or by plane.
It is possible to modify everything by associating other sites in the trip. So, on the road to Masoala, you can spend a few days in Sainte Marie.
If you would like to go to Marojejy, you can enjoy the beach in Nosy Be or go to visit the Tsingy of Ankarana. Most of the time, the visit of the sites of the NGO FANAMBY i.e Black lemurs camp and Camp Tattersali is added to the travel package to Marojejy.