SOBEHA MADAGASCAR TOUR promotes tourism along the seashore of the bay of Antongil. The exploration may start from Antananarivo, Toamasina or Sainte Marie to Mananara or Maroantsetra by 4x4 with a boat transfer to visit Masoala National Park and Nosy Mangabe. This area is the best place to experience Madagascar Wildlife and to enjoy the nature. The main gate to the Masoala Peninsula is either from Maroantsetra or from Mananara Nord. Despite the illegal trade of rosewood in 2009, various endemic fauna and flora are still observed in this zona : there are ten lemur species, including the flamboyant red ruffed lemur which is native to the peninsula. Birders, naturalists, researchers and biologist often take this difficult road to observe the most endemic species and novelties such as the Madagascar day gecko, leaf-tailed gecko, chameleons of all sizes, spectacular birds like the helmet vanga, and rare species such as the red owl and tomato frog. The Madagascar serpent-eagle was recently rediscovered here, and exists in healthy populations only in this part of north east Madagascar.

The access to Maroanstetra can be done by plane with Air Madagascar, by 4WD along the legendary road RN5, or by boat from Toamasina and Sainte Marie or Mananara depending to the weather.