Marojejy National park is one of the last primary forest and best place to enjoy Madagasacr Wildlife. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007. It has a long list of endemic plants and animals:
The forest change according to the altitude. There are at least 275 species of ferns and more than 50 species of palms. The low altitude is around 800 meters and the summit is higher than 1800 meters. It is reported that 150 species of amphibians and reptiles live in Marojejy, including 60 frogs, and 45 mammal species among the 11 lemurs. The most representative is the critically endangered silky sifaka which can be spotted here and in Anjanaharibe-Sud Reserve. Another lemurs found here are Indri, red-bellied lemur, Eastern woolly lemur, aye-aye, bamboo lemur or Weasel sportive lemur. Marojejy is also a very nice spot for birders with 118 species such as helmet vanga, Madagascar serpent-eagle, velvet asity, cryptic warbler, short-legged ground roller or Scaly ground-roller.
The access to Marojejy can be done by plane or by 4wd even if the road is extremely in bad condition.