Hereinafter are upsacale hotels of Madagascar. Some people and hotel manager will say « not » for marketing strategy or compared to hotel in another country. In Madagascar, they are upscale :

Hotel at Ambalavao


Hotel at Ambanja / Ankify

Hotel Ankify Lodge

Hotel at Anakao

Hotel Anakao Ocean Lodge

Hotel at Andasibe

Hotel Andasibe Hotel

Hotel Vakona Hotel,

Hotel at Ankarafantsika


Hotel at Ankarana

Hotel Ankarana Lodge

Hotel at Antananarivo

Hotel Lokanga

Hotel Tana Hotel

Hotel du Louvre

Hotel Ibis

Hotel Carlton

Hotel Combava

Hotel Aux Bois vert

Hotel Palissandre

Hotel at Antsirabe

Hotel Couleur Cafe

Hotel Chambre des voyageurs

Hotel Royal Palace

Hotel des Thermes

Hotel at Antsohihy

Hotel Belle vue

Hotel at Diego Suarez / Antsiranana

Grand Hotel

Hotel Allamanda,

Hotel at Fianarantsoa

Hotel Tsara Guest House

Hotel Villa sylvestre

Hotel Zomatel,

Hotel at Fort Dauphin

Hotel Talinjoo

Hotel Lavasoa

Hotel Azura

Hotel at Ifaty / Mangily

Hotel Dunes d’Ifaty

Hotel Paradisier

Hotel Princesse du lagon,

Hotel at Majunga / Mahajanga

Hotel La roche rouge

Hotel Antsanitia,

Hotel Anjanjavy

Hotel at Miandrivazo


Hotel at Montagne d’Ambre /Joffre Ville

Hotel Nature Lodge

Hotel at Morondava

Hotel Palissandre

Hotel at Nosy Be

Hotel Zahir lodge

Hotel Andilana Beach

Hotel Eden Lodge

Hotel at Ranohira

Hotel Relais de la reine

Hotel Jardin du roy

Hotel Isalo Rock Lodge

Hotel at Ranomafana


Hotel Thermes

Hotel at Sainte Marie

Hotel Sonambo

Hotel Masoandro

Hotel Bora Lodge

Hotel Vanivola

Hotel at Salary / Ambatomiloho

Hotel Salary Bay

Hotel Five sense

Hotel Mikea Lodge

Hotel Ankasy Lodge,

Hotel at Tamatave / Toamasina

Hotel Sharon

Hotel Calypso

Hotel Neptune,

Hotel at Toliara

Hotel Moringa

Hotel Amazone


Hotel Hypocampo,