Wherever there is no hotel, it is preferably to camp. Most of researchers, biologist and naturalist know this method as they often go off-road or on remote place. It is important to explain what kind of camping you are looking for :

- Simple camping: For this option, you eat at the restaurant or small hotely and you sleep in tent for the night. For information for those who want to go out of the beaten track, there is only Malagasy Food at the hotely which means that you eat rice and chicken or fish or meat, … But always rice as Malagasy people do. You should bring some pasta and special food if you do not eat rice or vegetarian.

- independant camping : In this option, you travel with everything you may need all along the trip. In addition to the tents, mattress, and sleeping bag as usual, you travel with equipment for cooking and all food that you may need. You buy food at the supermarket and you cook by yourself with help of the driver and his assistant or guide.
There are some equipment available at the office of Sobeha Tour. There is a possibility to rent tents and sleeping bags in some place where there is office of national park in case that you prefer to travel light for the flight. It is highly recommended to bring at least your sleeping bag.